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Conferences, Festivals and Contests
SIGGRAPH - a must to attend if you are looking to find work in, and understand the CGI industry. SIGGRAPH is a great job market. I also recommend that you attend the summer before you graduate and the summer after.
ASIFA Animation Expo
IMAGINA - described as Europes SIGGRAPH
World Animation Celebration Wacfest

Streaming Media Sites

Atom Films - Park, Plympton etc.
Cartoon Network

- Spike and Mike etc. - South Park, Coming Soon Tim Burton
Spumco The Goddamn George Liqour Program, Ren and Stimpy
The Sync

Reference and Resources

Animation Art Definition Page  
Animation Studios  
Animators Web Ring  
Atom Films  
Bug's Life by PIXAR
Cartoon Network Animation How-to  
DNA Productions  
Japanese Animation Club  
Larry Laurias Toon Institute  
Oxberry Camera Moves  
Prince of Egypt ok Flash Site
The Iron Giant  
The Power Puff Girls  
The Unofficial Disney Animation Archive
Toy Story Pixar
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2D Animation Production Houses

Calabash Animation
Character Builders
Cinar Animation
Dan Krech Productions
DNA Productions
Dreamworks SKG
Duck Soup Production, Inc.
J J Sedelmaier Ambiguously Gay Duo
John Lemmon Films  
Jumbo Studios  
Klasky Csupo  
MTV Animation Studios Claim Largest Traditional Animation Production House in NYC
Primal Scream
Startoons Int.
Sunwoo Entertainment
The Ink Tank
Topix|Mad Dog
Turner Feature Animation
Walt Disney Animation Canada
Walt Disney Animation Japan
Warner Brothers

Local 2D Animation Production Houses

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