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Streaming Media Sites

Atom Films - Park, Plympton etc.

21st Century Toys - good example of 360 degees figures and toys
ANI-MATO has some ball joint tips
Animation Artist Magazine
At Last, Foam Puppet Fabrication Explained!
Atom Films
Chia Head for Locomotion Channel
Clay Animation How-To
Cracking Animation
Creating 3-D Animation: The Aardman Book of Film-making  
Gryphyn Manufacturers of precision engineered stop motion animation Armatures
Stop Motion Pro  
Stop-Motion Mania
The Art of Stop Motion
The Clay Animation Homepage
The Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques by Richard Taylor
The PJs
The Puppeteers of America Inc.
Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas : The Film, the Art, the Vision Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques by Tim Burton and Frank Thompson
US Creative
Video Store
ZDTV - How to Make Stop-motion Animation


Stop Motion and Animatronic Production Houses

John Lemmon Films  
Animal Makers Worldwide  
Boyd Shermis Visual Effects Batman Forever etc.
Curious Pictures  
Unbound Studios  
Will Vinton Studios has hired a few students

Local Stop Motion and Animatronic Production Houses


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